iTeaworld launches an innovative Jasmine Tea Collection, offering a taste of the exquisite differences in four levels of scenting

February 12 21:25 2024
The emerging tea brand iTeaworld recently announced that it will grandly launch its latest masterpiece—the Jasmine Tea Collection—on February 19, 2024. As a brand dedicated to enlightening both tea novices and enthusiasts, iTeaworld’s unique collection aims to provide tea lovers around the world with an unprecedented jasmine tea experience.

Jasmine Tea Collection Unveiled:

The process of making Chinese jasmine tea is unique, characterized by the principle of “seeing the tea but not the flowers.” This involves utilizing the adsorptive properties of tea leaves and the fragrance emission of jasmine flowers to blend the aroma of the flower with the taste of the tea. This distinctive processing technique is known as scenting. An important criterion for measuring the quality of jasmine tea is the number of scenting processes it undergoes. Given the same quality of tea leaves and scenting environment, the more times the tea is scented, the higher its quality.

iTeaworld launches its inaugural Jasmine Tea Collection, encompassing four varieties of jasmine tea, each scented a different number of times ranging from three to nine: Jasmine Bi Luo Chun (3 scentings), Jasmine Mao Jian (5 scentings), Jasmine Needle King (7 scentings), and Jasmine Silver Needle (9 scentings). Each type of tea comes with five individual loose-leaf tea bags, accompanied by an eco-friendly tea bag for convenient steeping. This collection allows consumers to deeply experience the layers of jasmine tea fragrance at different scenting frequencies, enabling them to quickly grasp the quality of jasmine tea through brewing and advance rapidly from novices to experts.

Traditional Craftsmanship, Select High-Mountain Ingredients:

iTeaworld not only adheres to the traditional jasmine tea scenting process but also places great emphasis on the selection of raw materials. The tea base materials are sourced from premium high-mountain green teas in Fujian and Yunnan, while the jasmine flowers come from Hengxian, known as the “Home of Jasmine,” characterized by large blossoms and enduring fragrance. Each tea variety is carefully considered to ensure a perfect balance of taste, quality, and price, offering consumers an exceptional tea-tasting experience.

iTeaworld launches this Jasmine Tea Collection with a consumer-centric approach.

Yongqiang Liu, The founder of iTeaworld emphasizes, “The quality of jasmine tea on the international market varies greatly. We are committed to using the traditional scenting process, insisting on scenting even the entry-level three-times-scented jasmine tea with fresh flowers to ensure users experience authentic fresh flower-scented jasmine tea. Each tea is an exploration of aroma, allowing users to perceive the differences through smell and taste, deepening their understanding of jasmine tea. Furthermore, this jasmine tea not only retains the tea’s benefits but also incorporates the health benefits of jasmine flowers, including calming the mind, relieving depression, strengthening the spleen and regulating qi, anti-aging and radiation protection, and enhancing immunity, providing consumers with a drink experience that is both delicious and healthy.”

Other Selected Tea Sets:

iTeaworld offers a wide range of cost-effective tea sets, including selections from China’s six major tea categories, green tea selections, cold brew series, oolong tea series, black tea series, and dark tea series. The collection series is a highlight of iTeaworld, designed to help consumers quickly find their preferred teas. Each collection set carefully gathers teas with different stylistic features, offering consumers a systematic opportunity to understand various categories. Additionally, iTeaworld promises an exceptional shopping experience, including a 15-day unconditional refund policy (no returns required), significantly reducing the cost of trying new teas.

Stay Tuned:

The iTeaworld Jasmine Tea Collection is scheduled to launch exclusively on the iTeaworld official website on February 19, 2024, Eastern Standard Time (EST) in the United States. The initial release price is set at $39.99, with an exclusive 10% discount available during the first week of sale. To learn more and purchase the Jasmine Tea Collection, please visit the iTeaworld official website:

About iTeaworld:

iTeaworld is an online brand dedicated to offering services for beginners to select and purchase Chinese teas. With 15 years of deep cultivation in the Chinese tea industry, it is an enterprise that integrates production and sales. iTeaworld focuses on sustainable development and environmental protection, adopting green practices and eco-friendly packaging, committed to preserving wild tea trees.

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