Empowering Smart Wearable Industry: ZHAOWEI Launches a Micro Drive System for Smart Shoes

April 01 20:20 2024

Picture this: someone is running in a race, but the shoelaces looses. Obviously, this is not an ideal situation to stop and tie. Continuing to run with untied shoelaces may cause the risks of tripping and falling, but stopping to tie could mean being caught up by someone behind. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if there is a pair of smart shoes powered by high-performance motors, providing precise control and power to achieve self-tying? ZHAOWEI’s micro drive system is working on this.

As one of China’s leading micro-drive systems manufacturers, ZHAOWEI is proud to announce the launch of its latest drive: a high-precision micro-drive system that is specifically designed for smart self-tying shoes. With a commitment to improving users’ wearing experiences as well as empowering the smart wearable industry, ZHAOWEI’s micro drive system for smart shoes features lightweight, as well as owns incomparable performance that can provide large output torque in a limited space, enabling a personalized and better wearing experience for users. 

Innovative Design Achieves Self-tying

At the core of ZHAOWEI’s micro drive system, there adopts a compact design that combines a worm gear helical teeth transmission with a four-stage parallel gear transmission. This innovative design ensures precise control and efficient power delivery, allowing the output shaft to rotate smoothly. By connecting the output shaft to the client’s shoelace disk, the shoelaces are automated tied as ZHAOWEI’s micro drive system stably rotates. During the self-tying process, users’ feet would not feel the discomfort when being squeezed by the power delivered by the drive system.

Based on years of R&D experience in the field of micro drive, ZHAOWEI aims to provide clients with high-tech and high-performance products to help turning clients’ creative ideas into reality, as well as provide users with superior wearing experience. For more products details, please find out more on ZHAOWEI’s official website:


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