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Ban on Maggi Compel Populace to Think Twice Before Buying Instant Noodles

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Ban on Maggi Compel Populace to Think Twice Before Buying Instant Noodles

June 04
09:19 2015

marketNew Delhi, Thursday, June 4 – Ban on Nestle Maggi has made people rethink over the stuffs they having been gorging for years. Perhaps the time has come when they need to take a pause and think twice before picking anything instantly from the markets’ shelves to eat and serve the same to entire family.

High levels of lead and monosodium glutamate (MSG) in instant noodles have added troubles for makers. Even legendary actor Amitabh Bachchan, Preity Zinta and Madhuri Dixit be in problem given that an FIR against them was lately registered by the cops on the order by a Bihar court.

Opinions are different over the topic whether actors should or not to be blamed for endorsing a brand that soon became a common menu staple in every household thanks to the experiments they did to enhance the taste of Maggi, however, it is certain that actors and celebrities will consider giving a second thought over taking a signing amounts and giving their backing to a particular food items.

Tested samples of Maggi finds it perilous for health. As per latest reports, a drop of nearly10 percent has been noticed after Maggi row. Earlier company observed less selling of the noodles and now a ban. All these draw attention to an important point that if the lead content are higher than the permissible limit then strict action must be taken against the company because playing with mob’s health shouldn’t be allowed in any case. But a few things are needed to be opted by the buyers too if they thinks of keeping the health woes at bay for a long time.

We all have grown up by hearing it from our elders that homemade food is the best thing one could eat on a daily basis. However, this is perhaps what most of the youngsters, especially school and office goers, dislike in this day and age. The Maggi advertisement says it takes two minutes to cook noodles. Maggi eaters give it a minute or two extra to add flavors accordingly. Those who aren’t expert in cooking meals and still want to eat in hurry instantly say yes to  Maggi. This shows how much they loved eating it. At the same time, close the eyes to eyes to the truth that they were and are never ready to let anyone or company to play with their health no matter how old a brand is.

The Food Safety and Drug Administration (FDA)  has recently grab hold of some samples from other noodle making companies as well to inspect whether indispensable guidelines are followed or ignored by the folks at reputed makers. Whatever be their next step, the recent episode proved it once again that winning consumers’ confidence & faith and retaining the same are two different things. It is just like coming first in the class for the first time but continue pouring same efforts to be there for a longtime.

Despite the fact that instant noodles are one way or another kept in the category of unsafe, however, customers have started to think whether to buy readymade ketchups, sauces, healthy soups, chutneys, pasta and magic masala as well by Nestle. Apart from this, they are all set to opt for cautious approach before selecting anything from supermarket to share with family and pals to delight the palate.

‘Easy to make’ Maggi was not just the favorites of kids, but also of elderly populace. If truth be told then no one hesitates to try its flavor at least for once. College friends used to discuss papers and latest courses over a plate of Maggi, coupled with cold-drinks, in canteens. Road side tea stalls in the hill stations serve hot Maggi and nothing could be amazing for the tourists on vacations to get the home feel on mountainous regions through to the same old tang of Maggi, which now might see vice-versa situation.

Banning something is a big deal. It is gonna take time for the manufacturers to win consumers’ trust once again in view of the fact that individuals in no case ready to accept poor health. It is a different aspect to notice what all legal actions are taken by the people sitting at top but it is for sure that fooling population by feeding them something that is harmful is not possible because they teach their own lesson by maintaining a distance from such products. Besides this, demand for mom-made food in the family is going to increase since it is by now understood that homemakers can’t play with families health at any cost.

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